Global Petro Commercial Joint Stock Bank (GP.Bank)

Global Petro Commercial Joint Stock Bank (GP.Bank)
Overview of GP.Bank Global Petro Commercial Joint Stock Bank (GP.Bank), previously known as Ninh Binh Rural Commercial Joint Stock Bank, has officially became the urban commerical joint stock bank, operating in Hanoi capital since 07/11/2005.

From a bank which has just changed its model of operation, with its staff of only less than 10 officers up to now GP.Bank has witnessed high speed development in respect of business scope, network organization, staff.   

Charter capital

In 2010, GP.Bank has increased its charter capital from VND 2,000 billion to ND 3,018 billion. GP.Bank is exerting its efforts to become one of the leading commercial banks in Vietnam with its motto “Not the first but the best”. The Governor of the the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) issued Decision No. 3021/QĐ-NHNN on December 21 to allow GP.Bank to extend its operational duration from 20 years up to 99 years.


Business network of GP.Bank keeps on being broadened with 01 Head Office and 66 branches/ transaction office nationwide with 1.000 professionally-trained employees and staff. In the next time, GP.Bank shall continue developing its network to bring the high-quality financial - banking services to the customers.

Products - services

GP.Bank supplies fully kinds of international - level financial - banking services such as: Savings - Deposit, Guarantee Credit, International Payment, Finance - abroad study services, forreign currency trading, cards, remittance service, , mobile banking services and other useful banking services etc... With the mission of "commit to succeed", GP.Bank supplies many financial - banking services on the basis of advanced technology in order to maximize the customers' benefit.

Staff and employees

With the higher development of banking operations and fiercer competition of labout market, developing humance force always plays an important role in the success of GP.Bank. Not only developing the existing human resources, does GP.Bank pays special attention to building new human resources in which focusing on young labour force trained in full time system in universities and experienced banking officers to add to GP.Bank's staff. At present, 97% staff and employees of GP.Bank obtain university's degrees and post-graduate degrees. All of them are very skillful at banking skills.

Technology advantages

GP.Bank is the one of the leading banks in successful application of Core Banking Sofeware T24 by Tememos of Switzerland with the processing capacity of 10,000 transactions/ a second. This is a modern, active and integrative system that is capable of meeting requirements of bank at network level, meeting online requirements and timely processing environment. With the preeminent features of T24, GP.Bank is able to easily broaden its network to develop new banking products in order to control market share or to change the traditional products.

Modernizing Information Technology System is one of the top priorities of GP.Bank to strengthen competition, furthermore, to bring the leading services and facilities to the customers. Therefore, GP.Bank is developing and improving Core Banking Sofeware T24 up to version R9 - the latest ones, T24-R9 can enable the bank to optimize operation process while maintaining flexibility before business changes. 




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