M - Pay has closely cooperated with partner banks to bring banks’ customers mobile banking services allowing customers to perform a variety of transactions with just simple, convenient and safe tasks on their mobile phones.


M-Plus Mobile 

The M-Plus Mobile package provides the M-Plus Mobile for phone series, interface and templates, tools for registration and the security envelop to enable the Users to access and use the Bank’s Mobile Banking services (branded as M-Plus and carrying the Bank’s logo and corporate colours).


Features of the service :

a. Banking:

  • Balance inquiry
  • View the history of 05 latest transactions on the account;
  • Internal bank transfers: via MID / mobile phone, via the Account / Debit Card
  • Interbank transfer via card numbers;
  • Credit card debt settlement
  • Other value-added services include:
    • Electronics savings,
    • Money Transfer received by present ID card,
    • Prepaid card Top-Up,
    • Look up information, ... (provided depending on each bank).


b. Payment Transactions:

  • Buy prepaid Card Codes for online game, Internet Phone, eLearning.and other online services;
  • Top-Up for prepaid and postpaid mobiles, Online Game, - and other online services;
  • Pay postpaid bill for utility services such as electricity, water, telecommunications, internet, pay TV, insurance, etc.
  • Payment of purchases through E-commerce websites which are integrated with the M-Pay payment gateway such as plane tickets, electronics stores, etc.
  • Check the results of any transaction to see if it was successful or not;
  • View your history of bill payment and Card Code purchase transactions via M-Plus Mobile;
  • Further online payment services which will be available in the future.


c. User Support:

  • Marketing Information on the application screen;
  • Support phone number of banks;
  • Provide the UserMmanual via WAP page associated with the application;
  • Set parameters: for each User to select the language, the default account, .etc.
  • Updated versions of applications advised by an alert and available as online downloads
  • Change MPIN / Forgot MPIN / Reactivation the Application;
  • Other general advice and information help is provided by our Help Desk.