• 5. I entered MPIN wrongly for 3 times and the application is locked. What should I do to reactivate the service?

    In case you still remember MPIN, please delete eMonkey app on your mobile and access App store to download and reinstall eMonkey again, see detailed instruction here.

    Next, reenter MPIN twice. If the MPIN entered is correct, eMonkey system will send you OTP (authentication code) via SMS. Wait for a few minutes and enter the received OTP into the activation screen. If the OTP entered is correct, eMonkey application will be reactivated.

    In case, you forget MPIN, please follow the next question.

  • 6. I forget MPIN. What should I do to reactivate eMonkey service?

    When you forget MPIN, go to Setting -> Forget MPIN. Next, enter your registered phone number and answer Secret question. If the information provided is correct, eMonkey system will send OTP via SMS. Insert this OTP into the screen and enter your new MPIN twice. IF the information provided correct, the screem will send a notice: “You have changed your MPIN sucessfully.


  • 7. Do I have to pay any fee when using eMonkey service?

    At present, eMonkey service is provided free to users. Only possessing a smartphone connected with 3G/Wifi can you make payment transaction anytime, anywhere via eMonkey. Moreover, you can have the opportunity to make profit by selling prepaid card code for mobile, game and top-up with attractive discount.


  • 7. What is the utilities of eMonkey?

    -    Top-up and buy prepaid card code for mobile, game online and other digital products with attractive discount;
    -    Update promotion policy from Mobile Operator Provider sooner via eMonkey.
    -    Pay electricity, water, cable, television, internet bills.
    -    Pay for digital bill on ecommerce website.
    If you want to be our Agents, you can receive good policy from selling top-up, prepaid card code, bill payment… . Then, you can run a business and make profit right at home with the income up to millions dong per month.


  • 9. How can I cash-in to eMonkey account?

    You can choose one of these following options to cash-in eMonkey account:
    o    Fast Cash-in via BIDV 
    o    Fund Transfer via Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking
    o    Make a cash deposit or fund transfer at Bank Transaction Office
    o    Fund Transfer via ATM
    o    Cash-in at M-Pay Office
    o    Cash-in by mobile card code
    For more detailed, please follow here. 


  • 10. What kinds of Bills can I make payment via eMonkey?

    You can make payment these following bills:
    -    Electricity bills: EVN HCMC
    -    Telecom bills: VNPT Hai Phong, VNPT HCMC
    -    Television bills: An Vien Television, VTC Television
    -    Water bills, insurance bills
    -    Ecommerce bills: muachung.vn bills
    M-Pay is implementing more bill payment services in the near future.


  • 11. I want to move eMonkey application to new mobile phone. What should I do?

    After changing your mobile SIM to new mobile phone, install emonkey application on new mobile phone and activate your eMonkey account by following instructions on the screen. Please be noted that this personal information must match the information you provided before. After your account is activated on the new mobile phone, eMonkey application on old mobile phone will be ineffective and impossible to make any transactions.


  • 12: When I lose my mobile phone, do I have to contact M-Pay?

    Yes. Although other people can not access your eMonkey account or make any transaction due to the lack of MPIN, you still should contact M-Pay via Hotline 1900 54 5527 to request for temporary lock in order to protect your eMonkey account. You should lock the eMonkey account before contacting Mobile Network Operator to activate your SIM and mobile number.


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