Introduction to M-pay :

M - Pay was founded on 8th December 2008 between the three founders who agreed to develop and build a secure messaging service for mobile phones with sufficient security and ease of use to be used for payments and banking.
With a team of development professionals with extensive experience in the many aspects of electronic payments , the M-Pay payments and banking service package was initially launched in 2009

The M-Pay motto of "Easy& Safe" was unanimously adopted as part of the founders agreement and is maintained at all time in all aspects of M-Pay.
“Easy and Safe” is maintained as the guiding principle for all activities throughout the M - Pay, from the design and implementation of technical infrastructure, to product development, service deployment, and to the organization of technical management, as well as to daily technical and business operations.

Since its inception, M-Pay has always positioned itself as an outsource service provider to commercial banks, and to meet the challenges of bringing customers the best products and services in the field of mobile payments, and other banking services to provide an “ATM in your pocket”.

By adopting the highest international standards of security, M-Pay has transformed the mobile phone to a trusted mobile ATM.  Your mobile phone can perform all the ATM functions and more – except that the phone cannot provide cash withdrawal and the ATM cannot make a phone call.

Ever message from every User is authenticated using more than three factors: MID, Password, Phone Number, Mobile Device International ID and the encryption scheme used by each User – a total 6 different ways to check the ID of the User.
M-Pay also implements multi- layer encryption for all messages to and from the mobile phone. These provisions fully meet all requirements for security and safeties so that these feature together fully meet the requirements for security and reliability of the banking sector.

Providing “Easy and Safe” mobile payment services to numerous users through cooperation with banks and businesses has contributing to the overall development of the society and the community, which is the desire and goal of the M - Pay operations.

To learn more about M-Pay, you can refer to brochures about the company here.Download the company brochures here