Marketing on mobile phones

Being much more than an online sales channel, M-Pay Mobile Banking also includes marketing functions on mobile phones which  allow partner banks and businesses to send information and images to increase the exposure of their products, services, promotions and customer care.  This promotes the image of the business to the large number of M-Plus mobile users, directly on their mobile phones.

In the smartphone series, M-Plus Mobile app also allows users to alternatively display multiple images and different marketing contents. 

Mobile marketing is regarded as the most effective direct marketing tool for successful trading transactions nowadays. This service is currently provided free by M-Pay for banks and business partners. 

Bill Payment

M-Pay is constantly expanding cooperation and connection with the essential service providers such as electricity, telecommunications, water supply, pay TV, insurance, to provide postpaid bill payment services on the client's mobiles. 

Billing Functions on M-Plus Mobile app allow customers to choose suppliers, enter the client code (or contract no.) to query information on the bill owed, and then confirm the delivery and use of the bill payment services easily and proactively on the mobile phone. 
In addition, M-Pay collaborates with numerous e-commerce business through their websites (or through smartphone apps) to provide a new convenient and safe method of payment for is Online Shopping via M-Plus Mobile apps installed on the customer's mobile phones.

Using the M-Pay payment options on mobile phones, customers do not have to fill in personal information, bank card information and “One Time Password” (OTP) for each online payment transaction – because the User authentication is already assured by M-Pay.
Thus the bank account of the customer will be ensured absolutely regarding the safety of the services and be protected from any fraud or theft of customer funds or information.

Distribution channels on mobiles
In cooperating with M-Pay, businesses offering prepaid, postpaid and online services as well as  ones providing digital content or e-commerce products etc., shall have another effective distribution channel on mobile phone to users of M-Plus Mobile 
To develop this channel, M-Pay has built a series of utilities on the M-Plus Mobile app allowing customers to perform transactions such as Topup, Purchase prepaid card codes, Post paid bill payment, Online purchase bill payment etc., at anytime, anywhere right on their mobile phones.
With the increasing number of M-Plus users, this channel will help partner businesses access to a large population of customers with the lowest cost to deliver their producs and services effectively.