Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

“We” means M-Pay Trade and Technology Joint Stock Company (M-Pay), who specializes in providing technology services in mobile payment. M-Pay duly incorporated in Vietnam according to Business Registration Certificate No 0101505695, located at No 2, Lane 61th, Lac Trung Street, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam, operating under Vietnamese Law.

"You" means all individuals, organizations, enterprises, partners or registrars who are using an eMonkey eWallet through an application on mobile.
“Third-Party” means all individuals, organization, enterprises who are maintaining a partnership with “We” or “You” when using the eMonkey eWallet.
 “Terms of Usage” means an agreement and approval of all documented regulations between “You” and “We” when you register and use the eMonkey eWallet.
When “You” use the services of the eMonkey eWallet such usage means that “You” understand and agree to all the current terms and regulations applicable to all such services
We reserve the right to change, update and amend these “Terms of Usage” at anytime.  If “You” continue to use the eMonkey eWallet after any such update or amendment of these “Terms of Usage” then “You” thereby agree to the updated or amended “Terms of Usage”.
 “You” can access the most recently updated “Terms of Usage” anytime at http://m-pay.vn/.


2. Legal Usage

You are only allowed to use the eMonkey eWallet for legal purposes including all the products and services provided by M-Pay.
You do not have the right to defraud, cheat, fake or take any other action to transmit illegal information or images against Vietnamese customs, or break Vietnamese Laws or take any other action to undermine the eMonkey eWallet system, reputation or brand.
You must not take any action, or allow or enable any other party to take any action which uses the eMonkey eWallet and supporting and facilitating systems to cause harm or inconveninve to M-Pay or to any other user of the eMonkey eWallet and supporting and facilitating systems; including the sending of spam and any other malicious, provocative, or misleading information.
Any attempt to gain illegal access to any component of the eMonkey eWallet and supporting and facilitating systems will be prosecuted according to current Law and Regulations.

3. eMonkey E-wallet Regulation
3.1 Register eMonkey eWallet
Collecting personal information is a necessary and legally compulsory component of the eMonkey eWallet registration process.
This regulation not only protects You and M-Pay from risks and potential fraud but also helps Us to check necessary information to support You better and solve problems following the law in cases of claims and dispute such as reimbursement of money for failed transactions, replacement of your password if your password is forgotton or your mobile phine is lost stolem or replaced.
We shall not be responsible for any adjustment of claims and disputes if You provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, missing or incomplete.  Therefore, when registering and using eMonkey eWallet, You have to commit to provide and update your correct and exact information as follows:

  • Full name, ID/Passport number, Mobile number, 

3.2 Password, OTP, Secret questions:
Transaction Password (MPIN): After having installed the eMonkey application on your mobile phine, you must enter a Transaction Password (MPIN) which you choose and which has at least 6 numeric symbols.  This MPIN is your personal access key and is used by you to authenticate your transactions via the eMonkey eWallet. You have to keep your MPIN completely confidential the same as for any other financial system or ATM PIN.
OTP Code (One Time Password):  After successful registration, an SMS message containing an OTP will be sent to your mobile to activate the service. This OTP Code can only be used one time to confirm your personal information.
Secret Questions: When registering personal information, you have to select a Secret Question to answer. Your answer requires no less than 6 characters. Your registsred answer to your selected secret questions is used when You forget your MPIN, or when You have typed the wrong MPIN three times to recover your password. You are responsible for remembering and maintaining the confidentiality of your MPIN and answer to secret question.  Before using your eMonkey ewallet, you have to confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these “ETrms of Usage”.

  • Omit your MPIN to memory and do not make any written os stored copy of this MPIN. . You are fully responsibilities in case of forgetting your MPIN and in cases where your MPIN and/or other personal information has been disclosed or discovered and is used by another party
  • You acknowledge that all access to your eMonkey eWallet using your password (MPIN) are legal and ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session.
  • You should immediately notify M-Pay if your mobile phone/your password/other authenticator information is lost or compromised.  M-Pay can suspend your account and provides protection of your funds and personal information when We are advised of any breach or loss of your MPIN, mobile phone or other relevant personal information.

3.3 Suspend/Terminate Service
We have the right to suspend or terminate your account temporarily or permanently and refuse any liability of loss or harm to you and related third party in cases of suspension  or termination:

  • If You do not want to use our eMonkey eWallet anymore,  You should inform our Service Center and we will confirm and suspend/terminate the services as requested.
  • If your eMonkey eWallet has not been used for 6 months since the day you registered, we will suspend or terminate the services automatically.
  • We will terminate the services permanently if you attempt to defraud, cheat, forge or transit inappropriate information including images and information which is contrary to the mainstream national culture, or which seeks to damage or harm the reputation and integrity of a third party; or any other use of the eMonkey eWallet service for an illegal or malicious intent.
  • At the request of an appropriate authority.
  • In case of investigating a dispute, claim or reported errors, We have permission to suspend your eMonkey eWallet or freeze some amounts in your account until such outstanding matters have been resolved.
  • Other cases: We will inform to You by: phone, e-mail, SMS, fax or document.

4. Regulation for using service
Our eMonkey E-wallet system provides you many utility services. Registering and using eMonkey eWallet means committing and accepting all related regulars and conditions of eMonkey.
At present, all services and utilities on eMonkey are free except for the fee that you have to pay to third parties as they may require.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding any such fees and charges.
All your transactions made using our eMonkey eWallet are must to be confirmed with your MPIN.  After entering your MPIN and confirming the transaction, you can not change the transaction.  You should  check carefully all information before confirmation.  In case of making a mistake in a transaction, M-Pay will not have to take any responsibility.  How ever, You can contact Us immediately for support.
You confirm that We have permission to suspend or adjust the money in your account in cases of where a credit or debit transaction is incorrectly applied to your account for whatever reason.
You acknowledge that your eMonkey eWallet is not a bank account and that funds held in your eMonkey account will not have interest, but that other benefits may accure to you from your use of the eMonkey eWallet.

5. Regulation of connecting to Third-party
To provide more services, Our eMonkey eWallet provides selected connections to other websites and business enterprises.  These connections helps you to trade, transact, and pay more conveniently with third-party.
You further acknowledge and agree that We shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage related to products and/or services provided by any third-party website or enterprise.  We recommend that You check carefully the terms and conditions advised by third parties before using your eMoneky eWallet to purchase any such products or services.


6. Regulation of compensation

You will be responsible for compensation to us or any relevant third party in the following circumstances::

  • Breach the regulations published in our "Terms of Usage" and "Privacy Policy".
  • Any attempt to Modify, copy, disclose, commit fraud, or illegally appropriate funds, products or services while using the eMonky eWallet services.
  • Any attempt to hack, misuse,violate security or confidentiality or othetwise intentionally damage or cause disrepute to the information systems and services of M-Pay and the eMonkey eWallet.
  • Infringe upon the intellectual property to cause harm to the interests and image of M-Pay.
  • To attempt to deraud or misrepresent through posting or otherwise dissemination any false or unauthorise information , regarding M-Pay or any of M-Pay’s third party partners.
  • Violate any other legal provision provided under Vietnamese law.

7. Security Policy
Registering and using eMonkey eWallet, you agree to comply with all regulations in the security policy of M-Pay.

8. Force majeure
We are not liable for any loss or damage arising from your account in the following cases:

  • Damage due to natural environment and social change: disaster, fire, war, strikes.or any other event which is outside the reasonable control, management or influence of M-Pay.
  • Damage due to problems beyond the control or management of M-Pay in respect of any virus or other malware or hacker attack which may infect your mobile phone, your access to network services, internet access or any interruption of connectivity,or power cut,...
  • Damage caused by a third party or suffered by a change in law or regulation decreed by a competent authority.

9. Disputation

  • Dispute between You and Us: We will resolve the dispute based on the information you have provided and the audit trail available to us from our supporting infrastructure
  • Dispute between You and Third Parties: We do not have any related direct responsibilities but will provide all supporting and available information to you and the third parties to assist in the resolution of any such disputes. You and the relevant third party must directly resolve all issues related to your transactions with any such and third party.
  • In cases of dispute which cannot be resolved satisfactorily through direct discussion,  any party has the right to bring such disputes to resolution in the court of a competent jurisdiction in  a Vietnam. Court which will provide a final judgment that is enforceable on all parties.