VinaPhone the first-ranked mobile network in Vietnam with orientation towards international cooperation and integration.

" /> VinaPhone the first-ranked mobile network in Vietnam with orientation towards international cooperation and integration.

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In 2006, an important event that marked a great turning-point of Vietnam's economy in general and of the telecommunication sector in particular was that: Vietnam officially became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Also in this time, in order to enhance competitive capacity in the context of international integration, the Telecommunication Services Company made an important behavior: that was to change its abbreviation name from GPC (G=GSM; P=Paging; C=CardPhone) into VinaPhone. This change showed business diversion of the Company in the new stage. The Company also announced its new brand identity system that was of professional and modern manner. It was the determination of the Company to make VinaPhone the first-ranked mobile network in Vietnam with orientation towards international cooperation and integration.
Under definition of the World Intellectual Property Organization, brand is a special sign (tangible and intangible) to recognize a product or service that is manufactured or provided by an individual or an organization. Main criteria in creating ideas on design of Company's new logo model are to maintain the former basic brand name of VinaPhone services - decisive services - but it must create a breakthrough in image. The new brand image must be more simple, modern but it still needs to be purely Vietnamese, easy to apply and convenient in displaying on different background colors and different materials. Specially, the new logo must show the meaning in terms of connection - a specific characteristic in business of VinaPhone Company.
In June 2006, VinaPhone's new logo was introduced. Generally, the new logo met criteria in expression. The logo type "VinaPhone" was simplified with normal face which is simple and easy to read. The icon was made of water-drop circles connecting to one another softly but closely and meaningfully. After a long period of design research, VinaPhone's new logo has been approved by Chairman of BOD of Vietnam Telecommunication Corporation and it has been now applied for both Telecommunication Services Company and VinaPhone's mobile network.
In terms of meaning, the new icon shows philosophy of the Easterners; the water-drops connecting to one another express the connectivity and spreading, which are business characteristics of VinaPhone. Water presents everywhere; water is soft and lissome but extremely powerful. The image of three connecting water-drops creates a stable and powerful posture. The rising part of two top branches of the icon crates a V shape - the first letter in "VinaPhone". In mind of most people, letter V also means Victory and good quality (a v tick). The image of spreading water-drops expresses the ambition for reaching far, towards the future, which is in line with the development orientation of the enterprise. This is shown in VinaPhone's slogan "never stop reaching far".
In terms of colors, the new logo uses only a unique blue which is modern and east to use and suitable for the meaning of water-drop icon. Water brings life for mankind. The cobalt blue expresses the desire to bring the feeling of gentleness, warmness and full of confidence to users when they choose VinaPhone for mobile phone services.
VinaPhone's logo outline is lissome but consistent, showing the unification of the Company. Wavy curves on panels and banderols of VinaPhone, if looked carefully, are all designed based on this outline. If the logo is arranged symmetrically or logically, it will show an endless geometric shape. With the purpose of continuing to perform the commitment for the development of community, VinaPhone sets a further advance - from customers spreading to mass people in the country, bringing to the world an image of Vietnamese dynamic people with unification and integration spirit.
VinaPhone's traditional slogan “never stop reaching far” has been delved into customers' mind. VinaPhone's statement“available everywhere” shows the commitment for developing and reaching far to help customers more successful in anywhere they go. VinaPhone shall not only a bridge of communication but also a bridge of emotion for millions of customers.
The new brand identity of VinaPhone appears more and more in mass media, in all streets and public points, in every shop as well as in its internal system to create the consistency and friendliness to customers. We should think together to discover the unique beauties of the new logo and together develop VinaPhone to become the leading brand in Vietnam.


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