• When do I need to use the transaction results check tools?

    •    When you make a transaction, transfer payments or make purchases, and have wait longer than the time allowed (called a timeout period, usually within 70 seconds) and you get the message "unknown transaction performance ... ", then you should check to see if the transaction was made or not.
    •    Or you may conduct transactions and receive notifications successfully and then are left awaiting final results which do not arrive because the network connection was lost or perhaps the application suddenly and unexpectedly quit.  In these cases you should also check to see if the transaction was made or not 
    •    In these cases you can check the History menu to see if the activity actually completed successfully and a transaction was recorded; or failed and a transaction was not recorded.
    •    Note: the application only supports to check the transaction’s result within 24 hours after your transaction.


  • I lost my phone, do I need to contact the bank

    Yes.  If you lose your phone, even though your MPIN is still secure and so your phone cannot be used to make any transactions on your account, you still need to contact your bank directly or use the Bank’s hotline to lock the services to that phone and to make absolutely sure of the safety to your account.

  • How can I move the M-plus Mobile application to a new phone?

    •    You need to contact your bank (or login to the Bank’s internet banking if supported) to change the make and model information of your model phone, then you will be sent a Link for downloading the M-Plus banking application settings through SMS
    •    You open the SMS and click on the link, then select the appropriate software to download and install on the new phone.
    •    Next, at the activation screen, enter the MID information, Password, ID card number to activate the application on the new phone. After successful activation, M-Plus Mobile app on the older phone will not be able to make any further transactions.
    •    Note: You can use the M-Plus mobile apps on your old phone to lookup MID and create a new activation password (Password), which will be used to activate the app on the new phone.


  • What kind of bills I can pay with M-Plus Mobile?

    Currently, you can pay the following invoices:

    a. Bill payment services below:

    •    Electricity: EVN HCMC
    •    Telecommunications: Hai Phong VNPT VNPT Ho Chi Minh City
    •    Pay television: An Vien TV package, digital television VTC
    •    The prepay service will continue to deploy: clean water, insurance, ...

    b. Bill payment through internet shopping:

    •    Airfare: Air Mekong, Vietjet Air
    •    The online shopping orders in the e-commerce website with integrated payment gateway of M-Pay
    •    The goods and services are being deployed through continued collaboration with partners of M-Pay

  • Which services I can recharge (Top-Up) with M-Plus Mobile?

    Now you can top-up for the following services:

    •    Prepaid mobile phone: Mobifone, Viettel, VinaPhone, Vietnamobile, Gmobile, S-Fone
    •    Postpaid mobile phone: Mobifone, Viettel
    •    Top-Up Online Game account: Vcoin, Silver Gate, ZingXu, OnCash
    •    Other services will be added

  • M-Plus Mobile Services has what features?

    With M-Plus Mobile, your mobile phone will be equipped with the following features:
    a. Banking:

    •    Queries account information (balance, statement, ...)
    •    Transfer to any other account at your Bank
    •    Transfer to any other bank via the beneficiaries bank card number/s
    •    Credit card debt settlement
    •    The other banking services: savings electronic remittance received by ID, depending on the bank.

    b. Payment transactions:
    •    Buying prepaid card code of mobile services, games, Internet Phone
    •    Top-Up for prepaid mobile phone services, postpaid, Online Games and other online services
    •    Postpaid bill payment for utility services such as electricity, water, telecommunications, internet, television package
    •    Payment purchases through e-commerce websites such as plane tickets, electronics stores
    •    History of payment transactions / purchases
    •    Future additional services

    c. Customer Support:
    •    Ad / Banner on the application screen
    •    Parameter setting / application updates
    •    Other supported features

  • I entered the wrong MPIN 3 times so the application is locked. What can I do to restore the service?

    To restore the services you need to restart the app and go to menu Settings -> Reactivate / Forgot MPIN to the activation screen. Next, you enter the customer’s code information correctly (MID), enable the password (Password) and ID number to activate the service.  If you do not remember this information, you can bring your passport / ID card to any branch / transaction office of the bank where you registered for the service to be reissued an MID and Password.

  • Is there any fee for using M-plus Mobile?

    Currently M-Plus Mobile services are provided by M-pay’s partner banks completely free of charge. You only need a mobile phone and an internet connection to be able to perform banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

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