Instruction for registration


In order to use eMonkey functions and services, please follow the following Registration and Activation steps:

Step 1: Download and install eMonkey on your mobile phone.

Customers using smartphone based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone can easily access relevant App Store (App Store, Google Play or Market Place) on your mobile phone. Then go to Search menu, enter “emonkey” and select “Search”. The result will display as follows:


. Description:


Next, select eMonkey app (free) to download. The application will be downloaded autimatically on your mobile phone as usual.

Note: Internet access via Wifi or 3G is required when downloading. You may have to enter your ID and password to download from your App Store.


Step 2: Registrer and Activate eMonkey

After finishing download process, open (run) the eMonkey app for the first time and enter the your authentication information as requested by the newly installed eMonky app:

  • Phone number
  • Create your MPIN (Transaction password) – no less than 6 numeric characters

Noted that MPIN – an authentication password – made by You and you have to remember it to authenticate all transactions on your eMonkey eWallet. Hence, it is important that you keep it as safe as your ATM ‘s pincode.

  • Reenter your newly created M PIN
  • Click “Agree with Terms of Usage”

          Note: Before clicking, you can open the link to see eMonkey ‘s Terms of Usage. If agree, please click “Agree” to confirm.

  • Click continue button (>) on the Registration screen.
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) which is sent to your mobile phone to verify the registration information within 90 seconds.

The notice “You have successfully activated eMonkey at…”. Please press OK to complete the activation phase.


Step 3: Provide Personal Information

Upon completing activation phase, please fill in all the requested personal details, including: Name, ID/Passport ID, Date of birth/ Answer secret question and click “Update” to finish the activation phase. (Noted that the answer to the secret question must have  no less than 6 characters. Please remember this answer to recover  your MID incase you forget it). Then press Next to finish.

Note: Customers need to provide accurate personal information and update this information every time there is a change. If the customers does not provide personal information or the information is not correct, M-Pay will not have sufficient basis to solve the customers’ requirements of complaints about errors in transaction or request for reactivate eMonkey when forgeting MPIN, losing mobile phone or other unwanted situations arising in the process of using eMonkey.

See the Guideline to use eMonkey eWallet here.

Contact us for more information. Hotline: 1900 54 44 27